Better Public Speaking and Presentation Delivery

PitchVantage lets you instantly deliver
engaging presentation training to your trainees.
Improve communication skills with real-time personalized feedback.



Get a Glimpse Into How PitchVantage Works:


3D Simulation

With realistic 3D audiences, trainees can practice and improve presentation skills anywhere, anytime. The audiences react to the user’s performance, providing an engaging learning experience.

Proprietary Engine

We analyzed the world’s best speakers, thousands of speeches, and the latest research to determine what makes great presenters great. Using machine learning our experts developed a proprietary engine that measures key elements of presentation delivery.

Instant Feedback

Enable trainees to become more effective presenters on their own terms.
PitchVantage provides instant personalized feedback on presentation delivery, video replay, user-friendly analytics, and tutorials on-demand.

Instant assessment and continuous reinforcement.

Monitor trainee progress and trends with our intuitive cloud dashboards.

PitchVantage can be implemented as a stand-alone presentation training so you can train your team without leaving your desks!

Ensure training continuity after a workshop by providing PitchVantage to trainees as a practice tool.

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