Need to Communicate Better at Work? Try Public Speaking

Communication is the real work of leadership. 

-Nitin Nohria

Good communication is the foundation of business success. Even the best laid plans can fall apart without it. Make yourself essential to any organization by developing strong public speaking skills, which will in turn make you a better communicator. And we know how to get you there.  Most importantly, honing these skills can further your career along the way.

What is corporate communication?

Corporate communication is how information is shared internally. Internal communications can vary in terms of the content of the message, how it’s delivered, and the intended audience of the message. Some examples where formal presentations may be appropriate would be:

  • Meeting with the board of directors
  • Proposing a new product
  • Launching a marketing campaign
  • Releasing financial statements
  • Training new hires
  • Introducing a new software program

However, there are plenty of informal communications that are similar to presentations on a smaller scale:

  • Performance reviews
  • Team meetings
  • Project proposals

When you develop persuasive public speaking skills you can leverage all types of internal interactions as opportunities to connect with others in the corporate environment. If you are prepared for all types of communication environments, you can strengthen connections and build up your network over time. Using our online training simulation, you can vary the type of presentation setting to best match the context of your workplace communication.

Why is it important?

It should come as no surprise that verbal communication skills are consistently ranked among the top desired skill set for employees. Verbal communication is a human resources gold mine because it can be assessed immediately with even a simple conversation. Interviews are a bit like public speaking. They can feel high-pressure, you’re presenting information with some level of expertise (on your fit for the job), and involve a social exchange. Improving your public speaking skills can strengthen your corporate communication skills in every domain. Using our acoustic and psychological metrics for public speaking prowess, you can tackle this task head-on.

Presentations are often used as a persuasive tool. A department head may need to give a persuasive presentation to gain approval for a budget increase. A supply chain manager might give a presentation persuading the group to change transportation methods. There’s no greater example of a persuasive presentation than a sales pitch. While information is an important part of persuasive presentations, the primary goal is to compel a person or audience to adopt an idea or move to action. If you have developed persuasive public speaking skills, then you’re ahead of the professional pack. You will not only have an edge in interviews, but can move through the ranks faster as you make connections and drive up the success of your organization.

It’s imperative for good employers to include public speaking skills training within a well-rounded training and development program. As an employee, ask for training around this topic- even show your manager our explainer video. As an employer, strengthen your team by filling it with strong communicators. As employees become leaders, they’ll need these critical communication skills to move their organizations in the right direction.